The Maze Runners…

Without doubt, a name inspired from a movie series of same name (last one in the series yet to come) picturing young group of boys and girls trying to escape a maze which actually is a controlled trial to form a functional society. No, you didn’t miss the path! It’s definitely a health blog. Although … Continue reading The Maze Runners…


Trusted Health Managers of your body !

Our body is a co-operative trust run by many influential factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Doshas, dhatus and malas are directly responsible for each and every event occurring inside a body while diet, exercise control the system extrinsically. Running a trust requires funding, isn’t it?Now, each one of you who is reading this must have … Continue reading Trusted Health Managers of your body !

4 things to do Mindfully !

Mindfulness is the stage of awareness about everything happening around you and about you! A person on a path towards salvation through spirituality always seeks for this ‘total awareness’, meant to understand the body-mind-soul relationship. Some call it, higher consciousness. We generally act, speak, work as a reaction to a condition in front of us … Continue reading 4 things to do Mindfully !


6 factors which can drain your strength

Ayurveda always advice to maintain optimum level of everything, forbidding extremism. Equilibrium is health. Anything in excess or in deficiency disturbs the homeostasis and ultimately results in ill-health. Here are 6 factors, a wise person should not excessively indulge into to prevent loss of strength – Exercise Laughter Speech Travelling on feet Sexual intercourse Night … Continue reading 6 factors which can drain your strength


The cycle of a girl

You guessed the subject right I think! It’s about that cycle through which women had been ‘driving’ the human race for the years unaccountable. Nevertheless woman health has always remained an issue of negligence, menstrual health being the least attended. ‘These’ days occupied secret and obscure pages of woman’s life until recent years when we … Continue reading The cycle of a girl


Ayurvedic System Of Health

Almost Every Indian is now friendly with Ayurvedic health system along with its basic conceptions and misconceptions as well. With many reasons behind, people are getting aware of their own, autonomous system of health – Ayurveda !Not to mention, Ayurveda had been a care taker of our society not only at personal level but at … Continue reading Ayurvedic System Of Health


The Sleep Saga 2

Take a break before it breaks ! More than 80 sleep disorders had been identified till date and still counting. But let's for the sake of convenience divide it in basic two forms – lack of sleep and excessive sleep. You need no physician to tell which one weighs higher on the scales in above … Continue reading The Sleep Saga 2