The Maze Runners…

Without doubt, a name inspired from a movie series of same name (last one in the series yet to come) picturing young group of boys and girls trying to escape a maze which actually is a controlled trial to form a functional society. No, you didn’t miss the path! It’s definitely a health blog. Although … Continue reading The Maze Runners…


Trusted Health Managers of your body !

Our body is a co-operative trust run by many influential factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Doshas, dhatus and malas are directly responsible for each and every event occurring inside a body while diet, exercise control the system extrinsically. Running a trust requires funding, isn’t it?Now, each one of you who is reading this must have … Continue reading Trusted Health Managers of your body !

6 factors which can drain your strength

Ayurveda always advice to maintain optimum level of everything, forbidding extremism. Equilibrium is health. Anything in excess or in deficiency disturbs the homeostasis and ultimately results in ill-health. Here are 6 factors, a wise person should not excessively indulge into to prevent loss of strength – Exercise Laughter Speech Travelling on feet Sexual intercourse Night … Continue reading 6 factors which can drain your strength

Cradle to the 100 yrs of life! 

वर्षशतं खल्वायुषः प्रमाणमस्मिन् काले। तस्य निमित्तं प्रकृतिगुणात्मसंपत् सात्म्योपसेवनं चेति।।    च.शा. 6/30 This sootra is the answer given by Punarvasu Atrey on a question asked by Agnivesha - what is the maximum lifespan and what are the factors to achieve the same? The beuty of the sootra is, this is what every human being seeks, … Continue reading Cradle to the 100 yrs of life!