The Milky Way II

Answers to your questions - should I? How much? How to? when?


Cradle to the 100 yrs of life! 

वर्षशतं खल्वायुषः प्रमाणमस्मिन् काले। तस्य निमित्तं प्रकृतिगुणात्मसंपत् सात्म्योपसेवनं चेति।।    च.शा. 6/30 This sootra is the answer given by Punarvasu Atrey on a question asked by Agnivesha - what is the maximum lifespan and what are the factors to achieve the same? The beuty of the sootra is, this is what every human being seeks, … Continue reading Cradle to the 100 yrs of life!