Cradle to the 100 yrs of life! 

वर्षशतं खल्वायुषः प्रमाणमस्मिन् काले। तस्य निमित्तं प्रकृतिगुणात्मसंपत् सात्म्योपसेवनं चेति।।    च.शा. 6/30 This sootra is the answer given by Punarvasu Atrey on a question asked by Agnivesha - what is the maximum lifespan and what are the factors to achieve the same? The beuty of the sootra is, this is what every human being seeks, … Continue reading Cradle to the 100 yrs of life! 


Ayurvedic System Of Health

Almost Every Indian is now friendly with Ayurvedic health system along with its basic conceptions and misconceptions as well. With many reasons behind, people are getting aware of their own, autonomous system of health – Ayurveda !Not to mention, Ayurveda had been a care taker of our society not only at personal level but at … Continue reading Ayurvedic System Of Health