The Maze Runners…

Without doubt, a name inspired from a movie series of same name (last one in the series yet to come) picturing young group of boys and girls trying to escape a maze which actually is a controlled trial to form a functional society.

No, you didn’t miss the path! It’s definitely a health blog. Although sometimes fictions are so much alike reality that differences fade out and what remains is the abstract picture of fictitious reality!

Then, what is in it for my health?

Ayurveda recognizes four people, lost in the labyrinthine structure of unhealthiness, incapable of evading from it. Want to know who they are?

Priests, employees to kings, courtesan and merchants!

the maze runners (1)

They belong to different socio-economic levels. Aims & objective of their lives are different. Their means of life are varied, even a life means differently to them. Still, there are strings which pull them to the same level of unhealthiness.

Priests are the most respected and loved ones. But when it comes to personal care, its neglected most of the times. Indulgence in rituals, in work for the sufferers of tragic lives, in spiritual studies and activities shifts their focus away from their personal care.

Employees to kings – In this modern, democratic, liberal era you may not see the kings, but their facsimiles are seen in every corporation in form of – Boss and their secretaries took up the role of royal employee. And as famous saying goes, boss is always right! Shift changes, nerd bosses, unsuitable working environment, looking after moods of boss etc. always keep their minds pre-occupied with thoughts on work-money-moods of senior authorities. And the result? Altered focus!

Courtesans or prostitutes have always been the subject of negligence and contempt by society. They are the whole other class with untouchability. The social negligence seeds personal negligence in their minds towards their bodies and activities. Unhygienic conditions at physical level with unawareness and obscenity at psychological levels make them prone to unhealthiness.

Merchants and businessmen, constantly focused on ups and downs, profit and loss, corporate wars and always going for ‘some more’, have no space left in minds for their own health.

Now picking that string which binds all four of them at once is easy – its negligence. It arises from pre-occupied minds and give rise to a particular lifestyle pattern :

  1. Untimely meals and lack of holistic nutrition.
  2. Suppression of natural urges which are – faeces, urine, flatus, belching, sneezing, vomit, hiccup, semen, yawning, hunger, thirst, tears, sleep and exertional breathing.Never hold these 14 urges back. They vitiates vata.
  1. Pre-occupied minds.

What we can do to escape this maze?

Addressing above three factors! Reason?

Food decides your nutrition, immunity, strength, stamina and not less it can also affect mind. Regularity is important for maintaining digestive fire.

Whatever is formed at the end of metabolism in form of toxins or waste byproducts are excreted out of the body, which if not, will accumulate in tissues corrupting them and making them nonfunctional.

So in short, the entry and exit points of our bodies need to be guarded to avoid this mess.

And in the end, ‘mindfulness’ of our actions is primal.

I will only say that,

“It’s the BODY which makes you learn, earn, pray and enjoy.”

So do take care of it!

Let All Be Healthy & Happy!


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