6 factors which can drain your strength

Ayurveda always advice to maintain optimum level of everything, forbidding extremism. Equilibrium is health. Anything in excess or in deficiency disturbs the homeostasis and ultimately results in ill-health.

Here are 6 factors, a wise person should not excessively indulge into to prevent loss of strength –

  1. Exercise
  2. Laughter
  3. Speech
  4. Travelling on feet
  5. Sexual intercourse
  6. Night vigil


As previously said, it means to keep these factors at optimum level and it doesn’t mean – not doing them at all.

A common pathology occurring in them is vitiation of vata and loss of strength further.

Exercise is beneficial for all the three constitutions i.e. vata, pitta and kapha if done properly. Ayurveda suggest the limiting point for exercise. Everybody has different ‘point of exertion’. So the end point for exercise is just before this ‘point of exertion’. Exerting the body beyond this point is unhealthy in long run.

Excessive laughter and speech directly vitiate the vata which controls the activity of upper body including heart, lungs, our senses (eyes, nose, ear), respiration etc. Everyone had experienced and heard how strength is proportional to respiratory strength. (which is used in Yoga)

Travelling on feet i.e. long distance walking can actually drain your energy and strength. It vitiates vata which controls movements of whole body along with lower body!

Excessive indulgence in sexual activity has many ill effects on physical as well as psychological levels. This is actually a subject of special post. (will post on it in few days) Celibacy is always praised in Asian cultures not just due to its importance in spirituality but as a path, among many, to better health with considerable significance.

Continuance of night vigil, can directly lead to diseases of vata and pitta. A sound sleep (qualitative and quantitative) is important for energy conservation and bringing back the altered physiology during day time to normal level. Reduced quantity and quality of sleep affects this kapha metabolism, leading to loss of strength.

Physical and mental strength is the foundation of health. And everything every day we do is for health. So better stop wasting strength on unworthy things and keep your body machine running for many years!

To summarize, always avoid extremes and try to stay on golden mean, be it a religious thing or thing regarding your health!

Let All Be Healthy & Happy!


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