Cradle to the 100 yrs of life! 

वर्षशतं खल्वायुषः प्रमाणमस्मिन् काले।
तस्य निमित्तं प्रकृतिगुणात्मसंपत् सात्म्योपसेवनं चेति।।    च.शा. 6/30
This sootra is the answer given by Punarvasu Atrey on a question asked by Agnivesha – what is the maximum lifespan and what are the factors to achieve the same?

The beuty of the sootra is, this is what every human being seeks,  to live, to live longer,  to live to its fullest and this sootra presents the reasons to it, in minimum words possible.
Meaning of sootra

Normal life span during this age is 100 years.

The factors which can lead to this are – प्रकृतिसंपत्, गुणसंपत्, आतमसंपत् and सात्म्यसेवन.
Acharya Charaka started his samhita with the adhyay दीर्घञ्जीवितीय. Living a longer life has always been the goal of human race. Survival has been the most basic and pure instinct of every living being. And is it different from what Charaka has said – प्राणैषणा (instict to live) . And this is because – प्राणपरित्यागे हि सर्वपरित्यागः। (loose life loose everything)

And this sootra is ‘cradle to the 100 yrs of life‘.
1. प्रकृतिसंपत् – wholeness of constitution. Having सम प्रकृति( when vata, pitta, kapha are at equal levels)  gives you better chances to live for 100 yrs. As Acharya Vagbhat says,  समधातु समस्तासु श्रेष्ठा। sam prakruti (constitution having equlibrium of vata, pitta, kapha) is best among all and this is because – वातलाद्या सदातुराः। persons having vata-pitta-kapha constitutions (except sam)  are always in diseased condition.
Now what can persons with these constitutions do to attain this lifespan?

Acharya Charak has given प्रकृतिस्थापन उपाय (measures for homeostasis). These measures normalizes agni (digestive fire) and bring back constitution to equilibrial state.

2. गुणसंपत् – wholeness of body constituents.

This includes सारवान् धातु(having excellent dhatus) , संहत शरीर (body with utmost strength)  etc.
Acharya Charaka has told characteristics of प्रशस्त पुरुष while describing स्थौल्य(obesity)  and कार्श्य(wt loss) . These are characteristics which are one level above general health. These give strength to a person to be able to sustain adverse physical conditions with increased threshold for pain and energy loss. These actually provides व्याधीक्षमत्व (immunity) described by Chakrapani.

3. आत्मसंपत् – wholeness of congenital attributes or traits.

We get some health traits, features from birth. They are independant of our diet and activities. Some are more intellectual than others,  some get better – composed – stregthfull bodies from birth etc. This all comes under this heading.

Keeping our karma good and also बीजशद्धी (purification of bodies of mother and father) – गर्भसंस्कार (measures like yoga, mantras etc during pregnancy) can help for betterment of this factor.

4. सात्म्योपसेवन – wholeness of diet and activities.

The previous factor was independant of our lifestyle. This factor is exclusively depends on us, on our lifestyle.
सात्म्ं हि आशु बलं धत्ते।
Satmya can give strength in easy manner and in short period.

*satmya is responsible for steadfastness.
The person becomes adapted to certain diets and activities by their constant use and that decides how long and better his/her life will be.

Persons adapted to ghee,  milk, wholistic food possess strength,  can sustain adversities and live longer.
So we must be aware of what we are habitual to.

To summarize,

सुखहेतु समस्त्वेकः समयोगः सुदुर्लभः।

Level of equilibrium is a cause of health and happiness,  but its not that easy to attain!
Dr. Neelesh Patil,  MD(AYU),



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