The cycle of a girl

You guessed the subject right I think! It’s about that cycle through which women had been ‘driving’ the human race for the years unaccountable. Nevertheless woman health has always remained an issue of negligence, menstrual health being the least attended. ‘These’ days occupied secret and obscure pages of woman’s life until recent years when we the people at least become matured enough to secure its open place in our minds. Although we still see menstrual health from only the hygienic point of view. This period has some subtle nature with subtle effects on hormonal balance and hence affects one important aspect of woman’s life – being a mother! How?

Aren’t you wondered, that our mother or aunts never knew the term – PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and in last decade it’s been spreading like a weed and it’s a global picture not restricted to one race or territory. Still it doesn’t ring the bells? Are we that much deaf or are we acting like a deaf?

In Ayurveda, it’s called as ‘Prdnya-paradh’. Pradnya is an intellect of a person and aparadh means crime. Doing the wrong things knowingly is intellectual crime. And you are obliged to the punishment, health wise! You can’t expect good returns on investments in companies with bad fundamentals, that too if your capital is not lost.

One more social factor which is affecting menstrual health is women empowerment. To be clear, I am not anti-feminist. I am a physician and I am only concerned with the health aspect of society. Girls/women are compromising their health, in an obsession to prove them to be able. You don’t need to. See the basic thing that you can work efficiently only if you have a good health backup. Don’t go hard on you bodies for the sake of narrow-minded men.


Now, supposedly you know the importance of this issue I will turn to a more wide term of ‘menstrual health’. We already know about ‘menstrual hygiene’. But that is just one part of a picture. As I had already cleared that menstrual cycle is closely related to hormonal balance, there are certain things apart from ‘hygiene’ which need to be targeted in order to maintain your health. These include diet and activities to be followed during this period.

Here are some suggestions for you better ‘menstrual health’ –


  1. Don’t abolish or suppress the menses using hormonal pills just to avoid the discomfort. This is a major mistake. Hormonal balance in our body is very delicate. Keep intervention in this system as minimal as possible.
  2. Right to rest – what you generally do if you are wounded? You take care of that cut? or you just keep on working with that cut unattended ?You got my point. If you know, you are bleeding, you need rest. Do your routine work or job. Just avoid exertion, heavy lifting. Consciously avoid exercise, sports, swimming, cycling, dancing, long travels etc. Don’t fall for the flashy ads of sanitary pads which falsely preach the exertion during periods. They mean business not your health. These things contribute to pain during menstruation and heavy bleeding.

Know that, rest during this period is your natural right.

  1. Avoid things which can arouse rage, fear, anxiety and even sexual urge. Keeping your mind calm during these days is necessary.
  2. Ayurveda forbids sexual activity during menses.
  3. Use warm water for cleaning purposes.
  4. Diet must be light, warm, liquid based and freshly prepared. Avoid overeating and heavy food products as they can contribute to pain. Also strictly avoid dry, canned, frizzed items. Bakery products directly increase vata levels, causing pain.

In short, diet should be such that it will not hamper your digestion and mainly                     bowel movements. Regular bowels are very important to keep the pain low.


  1. For minimal pain during these days
  • Use water boiled with cumin, coriander and fennel for drinking.
  • Apply asafoetida with warm water over lower abdomen if there is too much pain. (Just one thing to notify before you apply – it’s very sticky!)
  • Use hot water bag to alleviate the pain.

Ayurveda considers this period as a detoxification or cleansing phenomena of woman’s body. Keep it that way!

Let All Be Healthy & Happy!

Dr. Neelesh


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