Health The Awakening


Hello friends ! Myself Dr. Neelesh logging in. I am an Ayurvedic consultant with MD (AYU), for last 4 yrs, now extending my role, being more social and sharing my ideas and views to vast global society.

The goal of the blog is to reset your goals of health, making them more ‘Wholesome’.

Mind well that whatever I write, post, prescribe is not another ‘trend’ in this field to follow. These are clear facts about our body-mind-soul complex which seeks balance to be healthy. These are timely proven facts of Ayurveda which will lead you to know your smart working machine better and keeping it going. Yes, this blog is all about ‘maintaining’ your health. Beacuse health is a thing which is not spontaneous or one time investment, its more of a SIP – systematic investment plan, that you have to keep investing, so as to get handsome results. Otherwise you end up in loss of your own capital. So I am here as your investment strategist, to ‘tip’ you to invest wisely based on concrete, fundamental and holistic views of Ayurveda !

I entrust you on one thing that, this blog is not going to be just a word play but a practical handbook to pure health.

So friends, get ready to reset your goal, reprogram your lifestyle and get on a right track of this miscellaneous, complex, multiform pathway of health !

Let All Be Healthy & Happy !

your investment dr., Neelesh


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